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useContext Hook in React

useContext is a React Hook that lets you read and subscribe to context from your component. React Context is a way to manage state globally.


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useContext allows you to consume the context values within a functional component, making it more convenient and concise compared to using the Consumer component.

Here's an example of using React Context and the useContext hook:

import React, { createContext, useContext } from 'react';

// Create a context
const MyContext = createContext();

function ParentComponent() {
  const contextValue = "Hello from Context!";

  return (
    <MyContext.Provider value={contextValue}>
      <ChildComponent />

function ChildComponent() {
  // Consume the context using the useContext hook
  const contextData = useContext(MyContext);

  return <div>{contextData}</div>;

function App() {
  return <ParentComponent />;

In this example, useContext is a hook that allows ChildComponent to access the context value provided by the ParentComponent without needing the Consumer component. So, while React Context itself is not a hook, it can be used in combination with hooks for more concise and modern React code.

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